Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Farewell, Cast #3

It's that time again ... Mehta casting time!

This Friday was supposed to be "cast removal day" for Jackson's third Mehta cast to correct his scoliosis.  However, throughout the week ... we started to notice that he was burping, eating less, and even limping a little bit on his left leg.  The bottom of his third cast was really tight when it was applied ... and during the past 8 weeks, it had grown so tight that I could no longer get a fingertip beneath it.  Thankfully, our local orthopedic practice was able to squeeze him in for a cast removal this morning ... two days early!  That gives him 4 upcoming days -- cast free!

It was really neat this time at the doctors' office.  For the first time, Jax actually understood that we were getting his cast removed (or at least we think so).  When we entered the waiting room, he said "belly" and started patting himself.  That's because he knew he was going to see his usually MIA belly again.  Then, as we were waiting for our name to be called, he started pulling on his cast and saying "off, off."  This is not something he does at home ... believe it or not!

Soon ... it was our turn ... and there was a bit of anxiety as the cast saw was immediately brought into the room.  Unfortunately, our usual "daddy picture" does not show Jackson's smiling face this time.

Thankfully, Jax still didn't cry very much during the loud sawing.  I think he is so brave!

Once the back of cast #3 was cut through, Daddy was able to pry it off as usual-- revealing Jackson's teenie tiny waist.  It always amazes us how VERY little he is beneath that bulky cast!  In fact, I had to run to the mall to get him something to wear tomorrow ... as he is only about a size 18 months out of his cast!

Jackson's skin was very, very dry as it always is ... but there were no open sores.  We are a little concerned about a patch of raised tissue at the bottom of his spine ... but we will have to wait and address that with Shriners on Monday before casting.  His spine is looking excellent to the naked eye! (stay tuned ... saving that photo for my usual comparison)

After Jax regained his balance, he spent the next few minutes checking out that "belly" of his ... and making up for lost smiles at the beginning of his appointment.

Farewell, Mehta cast #3 ... we hope you performed your duty well!

*   *   *

And now, the really important part:

Prior to cast #1:

Prior to cast #2:

Prior to cast #3:

Prior to cast #4 (today):

Woohoo!  Lookin' good ... we hope!

Now, we ask for your earnest prayers ... for a healthy next 4 days ... for safe travel ... safe anesthesia ... smooth, issue free casting ... good X-ray results ... and good tolerance of cast #4!


George said...

Jackson, I love you. Papaw wants a hair cut like yours, but I will probably wait a another month or so. You like very handsom also.

Papaw or Grandpa

George said...

I meant to type "You look..."

NeNe said...

Jackson you are my hero....You are so brave..and always so happy....May you always know how very much you are loved....May God bless you today and always and watch over you with your next casting....