Thursday, March 22, 2012

Zoo, Take Two

With beautiful weather predicted and a temporarily cast-free kid ... Justin and I decided to be very brave today.  Ha!  We ventured back to the National Zoo in Washington D.C. with Jackson.  This time, I'm pleased to say ... it was much less stressful ... probably because we drove our own car and we left the zoo to eat our lunch.  No matter how you spin it, it was a "glass half full" kind of day!

"Wave to the monkeys, Jax!"

This, as you may begin to notice, has become Jackson's new smile ... very cheesy!

Thank goodness he still looks cute with one eye closed!

Jackson's favorite exhibit was definitely the "Dumbos."  Actually, he cried every time we walked away from them.

And although he wasn't crazy about his sunhat either ... the day was still a "roaring" success.  Couldn't resist!

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NeNe said... glad you guys had a nice family day together at the Zoo....Love you all.....