Saturday, March 3, 2012


Lately we've been working a lot with Jackson on his "words."  I've never literally counted them, but I would estimate he knows at least 100 words at this time.  It's really been like a little word explosion around here between 18 and 22 months.  Back at 18 months, he probably knew about 35 words ... now, he knows so many more!  Honestly, within reason, he can repeat almost anything that is asked of him.  And, although it's not seen on the following videos ... he also has a few 2-3 word sentences in his arsenal.  My favorite ever is "good morning mama" ... melts my heart.  For those friends and family far away ... here are two little video clips of Jackson's "words."  Enjoy!




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Mom said...

What a wonderful and sweet boy...He is the light of my life....Love you all....He is sooooo smart...