Monday, January 24, 2011

Not Me Monday

1.  I did NOT get so wrapped up in handling contractors today that I completely forgot my baby needed to eat.  Which means, I did NOT say to him "Why are you so fussy, Jack-Jack?" only to look at my watch and realize I was 1 hr 47 mins late feeding him.  NOT ME!

2.  I am NOT so frustrated with calling automated phone services for an address change that I start yelling into the receiver "I WANT TO TALK TO A REAL FREAKIN' PERSON FOR GOSH SAKES!!!!"  No, no, no, NOT ME!

3.  I have NOT been eating at the same fast-food restaurants close to our new house so many times over the last week (while between contractor appointments) that I found myself saying "Let's go to BK.  We had better save Waffle House for later today."  Nope, NOT ME!

3.  My boxes are NOT still unpacked 10 days after our move.  That one, really, is NOT me!

P.S.-  Just to wet your whistle ... things really are finally starting to come together!

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