Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Month, New Year--Jax is 8 Months!

Our Jackson is 3/4 of a year old!
8 Months Old
As you can see, his hair is as wild as ever.  I have given up on smoothing it down.  His new nickname is "fuzzy head," and let me tell you... his 'do attracts ALOT of attention when we are out in public.  He loves it.

Jax is 20 pounds 12 ounces and 28 inches long.  I plugged these numbers into the computers at work, and he's in the 65% for both weight and height.  His head is 18.25 inches, continuing to be in the 90%.  He's going to be so smart!

This month Jackson has started babbling even more.  We occasionally hear consonant sounds like "naagaba," but no "da-da" or "ma-ma" yet much to our dismay.  I think it's still a little early.

As of January 2nd, Jax can get fully into "crawling position" on his own.  He pushes up on his arms, rises to his knees, but still stays stationary.  We are trying to coax him forward, but he hasn't figured out that he can move just yet.

Jackson has also become a rolley-poley this month.  It freaks us out, but we often find him on his belly in the mornings despite putting him to sleep on his back.  Justin is hilarious--always checking the baby monitor--and if he catches him on his stomach, he goes into the nursery and flips him onto his back.  Mornings are our favorite time of the day with Taco.  You would not believe how incredibly sweet that boy is when he first sees you leaning over his crib in the morning.

Jackson takes 7 ounces every 3 hours (yes, we never got to the 4 hours point) and eats lots of solid foods now.  He is taking Gerber 3rd Foods (the large jars) three times a day as well as a bowl of rice cereal.  He also now loves the Gerber Puffs that used to make him gag (Mommy does too!).  Note to anyone dieting: the entire container of puffs only has 150 calories, and that gives you alot of  the "snaking" motion for your mind!  :)

This month Jackson has been playing with his toys a lot more.  I believe his favorites are his Rockin' Roll-Back (yes, Uncle David) and his "string creature" that I made him (see previous post).  He also loves just about anything he isn't supposed to play with.  See below:

As for Justin and I, I finshed my last day of work yesterday, and we are busy packing up for our big move in ONE WEEK!  Jackson is a bit of a cute distraction, too. 

Who, me?

Speaking of which, I had better stop blogging and go help my husband... ahem.

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Lauren said...

Savannah's hair stood up just like that when she was that age. I tried to slick it down with lotion and just gave up. It finally quit when she was around a year old. Too funny! And Brooklyn always sleeps on her belly... don't worry about it! :) So excited for you and your moving adventure! I expect to see pics of the new house! :)