Saturday, January 8, 2011

Busy Week Ahead

Well, it's official, we are technically "renters" in our own home.  But wait . . . it's not our own home . . . what at strange yet wonderful feeling.  Yesterday we went to settlement on our Bristow home, and it is SOLD.  We have a "rent back" agreement for one week; however, so we aren't homeless while we wait to settle on the new house, have it carpeted and painted, and move in.  Whew!  What a busy week we have ahead of us! 

On Monday we will be traveling to Winchester to go to settlement on the new house.  That afternoon, we have to order new carpet, choose paint colors with the painter, install new locks, and go pick up new shower doors at Lowe's.  That's because on Tuesday, Mom and I will be cleaning and playing hostesses to a handyman and an electrician ... hello new shower and overhead lighting.  Then, on Wednesday and Thursday our new carpet will be installed.  After installation, we move in on Friday.  On Saturday our new appliances and television will be delivered and installed.  Then on Monday the painting crew will begin the 3-5 day process of paiting the entire house.  And that's not even including the unpacking process, hanging blinds and curtains, and changing door knobs which can't offically start until the painting is complete.

Yeah . . . and try that with a busy 8-month old who needs feeding, changing, and interaction.  We've got our work cut out for us!  Still, I'm super excited about the new place...and when it's all said and's going to be so much more "ours" than this house was.  Everything will be new and fresh.  Oh yes ... and I will be a SAHM!  Ahh, the wonders of moving further from the city!

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