Friday, June 11, 2010

Fox Country

I spent this morning with my bestest friend--the hairdryer. Yes, it's true, it's quickly becoming Mommy's best friend too--if she wants to ever get anything accomplished, that is. You see--I like to "crank" big time whenever Mommy is trying to put on her makeup or get dressed, but the hair dryer can put me out like a light. So, move over Pandora Radio--Mommy will now get to jam to that familiar buzzzzzzzzzz during her morning routine! Hey, it's better than the alternative waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!

Once Mommy and I got ready, we headed to Middleburg, VA to get lunch and do some window shopping. I say window shopping specifically because there was no chance we were buying ANYTHING (with the exception of a Hemingway novel at a used book store) in Middleburg. Mommy wasn't ready to drop $139 for me to wear a blue cashmere sweater with an octopus on the front--that won't be until I'm a UVA student--ha! I did, however, enjoy getting my poopy diaper changed on their bench--take that! (I puked on their sidewalk too)

I'm looking quite handsome in my "Middleburg duds," now aren't I?

Guess whose "newborn" clothes were retired to the cedar chest last night? *tear* I'm growing up so fast already!
I sure enjoyed my first trip to fox country!

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