Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Disney 2012!

Five more years ... that's about how long it will be before we see this magical place again ... and, next time, it will be with the kiddos (and grandma)!

That being said, Justin and I had a truly spectacular time vacationing in Orlando, Florida ... just the two of us ... at Disney World last week!

We were fortunate enough to get accommodations at the BRAND NEW "Disney's Art of Animation" resort!  This is considered an "economy resort," but as you can see from the following photographs, it definitely didn't disappoint!

Themed after Disney's "Cars," "The Lion King," "Finding Nemo," and "The Little Mermaid" ... some of our favorite (and timeless) Disney characters were out and about!

We stayed in "The Little Mermaid" section ... just underneath King Triton.

Although our resort was wonderful, we truly didn't spend much time there!  Instead, for no less (and usually more) than 12 hours a day, we spent out time in the four incredible disney parks!

Our favorite (as adults), was Epcot!

Probably because it's home to my favorite (seriously) ride of all time ... Spaceship Earth!  Not exactly a thrill ride, but quintessential "Disney" in every way.  So many memories!

This year, we were there for the grand opening of the new Test Track.  It was one of the BEST ride improvements either of us have ever experienced.  Thankfully, we rode it during the "soft" opening ... before the lines were over an hour long!

(Chevy concept car)

Epcot wasn't the only park having grand openings during our trip, either!  Although we avoiding it on "the day," Disney's Magic Kingdom revealed the new Fantasyland on December 6th, during our trip.  This new land is themes after "Beauty and the Beast" and "The Little Mermaid."  We were even so lucky as to score last minute dinner reservations at the Be Our Guest restaurant inside the Beast's castle!

(The West Wing)

(the enchanted rose)

We met both the Beast and Ariel in the new Fantasyland.

And enjoyed taking in all the new sights ... like Gaston's Tavern!

Of course, we also stopped by the classic Magic Kingdom attractions!

As well as favorites in Disney's Hollywood Studios!

Which included a breathtaking Christmas display of dancing lights!
(probably our favorite Disney memory from this trip)

Animal Kingdom wasn't bad either ... in fact, it was there we had our favorite Disney meal ... at The Yak and the Yeti restaurant!

And met up with some of our favorite Disney characters, Doug and Russell, from "Up."  Russell even gave me a kiss!

Oh!  I almost forgot ... we also took on Expedition Everest and an African Safari while we were there!

And a beloved musical performance of "Finding Nemo."

... although we were kid-free ...
... we were kids again ourselves ...

... enjoying every moment of the magic ...

... and living Happily Ever After ...

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