Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bye Bye Ice Cream Cast #7

Like how I'm blogging while on vacation?

Haha ... well, technically ... these were just "scheduled" posts to keep you busy reading while we're away.

For the first time since Jackson began his Mehta casting journey for Progressive Infantile Scoliosis, Justin and I will be missing his "cast off" day.  Thankfully, NeNe and PawPaw are pretty familiar with the process and have the whole thing under control (fingers crossed!).

So ... this morning while we were away, our brave Jackson said "goodbye" to Mehta cast #7!  He has the next week to enjoy bathtime and relaxation before we return to Shriner's Greenville for his scheduled 8th casting on 12/13/12.

In keeping with tradition, I snapped these sweet photographs of Justin and Jackson in cast #7 so that we can continue to document our journey as usual even while we are away.

Bye Bye, "Ice Cream Cast."
It's been fun.

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