Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cast Correction

My advance-blogging proved to be a bit of a bad idea this time.  No big deal!  Unfortunately, Jackson fell victim to a virus while Justin and I were away on vacation ... causing me to reschedule his 8th Mehta Casting procedure.

However, this rescheduling had MANY silver linings.  For starters, we realized the need to reschedule prior to the removal of Jackson's 7th Mehta cast; therefore, we were able to leave #7 on ... so that he doesn't lose valuable correction awaiting his next casting date.  Also, Shriner's Hospital Greenville was able to reschedule Jackson's next casting for January 10th, 2013.  Therefore, we aren't waiting for months as we were always told would be the case in Philadelphia.  And ... there was even the little bright spot that rescheduling this casting allows us to rest after our busy vacation ... and to fully enjoy the Christmas holiday without thinking about medical procedures.

Honestly, other than having to contact four medical offices/hospitals ... and reschedule four appointments while on vacation (all before 9am in a single day, mind you) ... we were actually pretty happy about this change of plans.

So ... hold tight ... more photographs from the real removal of Mehta cast #7 to come in January!

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