Sunday, August 19, 2012

Visiting UVa

The purple shadows of the Lawn are cast a bit differently when you're traveling with two little ones ...

Particularly when your two-year-old is just having "one of those days."

It was bittersweet visiting the Grounds of the University of Virginia (where I attended college) yesterday with the boys.

I certainly felt older ...
And, although not immersed in my studies, wiser ...
And even a little reminiscent of days gone by ...

I was keenly aware of how the college years really are "the best years of your life" in some ways.  I miss them.  I miss having my best friends in the world all living minutes away.  I miss sleeping past noon on the weekends ... and choosing to stay up 'til all hours.  I miss my hott little body.  (just saying') I miss my relative lack of responsibility.

However, these times are good too.  Satisfying.  Another "best years of my life," I think.  And, when Jackson wasn't having a meltdown in the University Bookstore ... or on The Lawn ... or on The Corner ... it was a good day.  


Visiting UVa with my kids was a certainly different experience, but it was nevertheless wonderful.

And I'm glad they got to be there with me.

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