Friday, August 24, 2012

Shriner's Philly Jokes

SOOOO many times on our journey with Progressive Infantile Scoliosis, we have found that we were faced with the decision to either laugh or cry.  And, as cliche as it sounds, laughter really is the BEST medicine.

My husband, Justin, was blessed with the gift of humor ... and so much so lately that I feel inclined to share with you a few tidbits from our last journey to Shriner's Hospital.

I'll call them, Shriner's Philly Jokes:

On our way home today, just randomly:

Justin:  "Can you imagine if Philly was scheduling our next appointment when it gets close to our vacation (in December)?"
Me:  "What?  Why?"
Justin (using a Philly voice):  "We have the dates of December 2-9 available."
Justin (talking back to himself):  "Umm ... that doesn't work for us at all ... we will be out of town the whole time."
Justin (Philly voice):  "Well, unfortunately ... Dr. Cahill will be on vacation the three weeks prior AND the three weeks after December 2-9th.  Looks like we can cast him again on February 2nd."
Justin (talking back to himself):  "That's soooo long out of a cast!"
Justin (Philly voice):  "Consider it his Winter Solstice casting break! .... Because, unfortunately, Dr. Cahill is on vacation from February 3rd until December 31, 2012."


Justin:  "I wish I was Dr. Cahill's travel agent!  That guy must make TONS of money!"


Me:  "Don't you feel less dread now that we aren't going to Shriner's Philly anymore?  I do!"
Justin:  "Yes!  Since transferring away from Shriner's Philly, I feel 20% less suicidal!" (joking)


Justin:  "Dr. Cahill, that cast looks WAY TOO TIGHT ON JACKSON!"
Justin (Philly voice):  "He'll be okay ... I got GREAT correction ... that's right ... from this guy!"
Justin:  "But Dr. Cahill, he's turning blue!"
Justin (Philly voice):  "He'll be okay.  This guy got great correction!"
Justin:  "But Dr. Cahill, he might die!"
Justin (Philly voice):  "That's okay ... this guy got great correction!"


Maybe you had to be there!

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