Friday, August 3, 2012


We thought we were going to go through Jackson's entire Mehta casting process unscathed by the "dreaded poop blow out."

... but we were wrong ...

It happened tonight ... at Red Lobster, nonetheless, ... yet ... we still managed to come out rather unscathed in the end!

But, what an adventure the last few hours have been!

There was pretty much no possible way that Jackson could have spent the next couple of weeks in Mehta cast #5 in the state he found himself in tonight.  That is, unless everyone was okay with a swarm of flies following the poor guy around.  So, come hell or high water, I was going to remove his UNremovable undershirt.  I had watched multiple YouTube videos posted by other casting families about how to do this, so it was time to put my education to good use!  Thankfully, cast #5 is one of the looser casts Jackson has worn ... and, surprisingly, it really wan't that difficult to remove his undershirt by threading it from section to section of his cast.

That, my friends, is a bare belly under that cast!

Then, I had to remove the yucky yucky mole skin from around the cast borders and replace it with new mole skin and fresh duck tape.  As always, Jackson was an absolute trooper and just laid there and let me do so.


Raw edges.

Brand new.

Then, while Jackson's undershirt was being washed and dried ... little man enjoyed a VERY late night of belly button observation ... both his own and NeNe's!

When a two-year-old never sees his belly button, it becomes a pretty fascinating thing!

Next, I threaded his undershirt back through the cast.  That part ... that I dreaded the most ... proved to be the easiest ... only taking 2-3 minutes.

... and ...


Jackson's clean undershirt went right back on ... and everyone was feeling good again!


Amazingly ... unscathed.

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