Friday, August 3, 2012

Once In A Blue Moon

Last night, underneath a rare "blue moon," Mom and I took Jax and Oliver to the Frederick County Fair.

Jackson went to several fairs last summer, but he was really too young to enjoy anything back then.  This year, much to my wallet's dismay, he quite enjoyed himself!  And, honestly, so did Mommy.

Jackson rode a few kiddie rides ALL BY HIMSELF this year, too.  To NeNe's soundtrack of "I can't believe you're going to let him do that .... He's way too young .... That is way too dangerous .... Are you sure? .... I can't watch!"

After about 30 seconds, NeNe ate her words.  Jackson got VERY serious on his rides ... but he would giggle and clap when they stopped and want to ride again.  Fear = zero!

His absolute favorite ride was the 4-wheelers! 

Which he rode again, and again, and again!

Little Oliver was a sport about the whole thing.  His favorite ride was the stroller!

Jax also enjoyed the train.

And the roller coaster ... OH WAIT ... he didn't enjoy the roller coaster at all!

NeNe and Jax were planning on enjoying the roller coaster ...

When it started up the lift hill ... then rolled backwards down again ...

Then ... things REALLY got interesting when the ride operator attempted to push the coaster back up the track manually.

And the coaster went up ... and back down again ... to which my mom and the other adult passengers started yelling "I WANT OFF!!!  I WANT OFF RIGHT NOW!!!  STOP THE RIDE!!!  I WANT OFF!!!"

Thankfully, NeNe and Jax got off the roller coaster without loss of life or limb.

And we went on to enjoy an evening of fascinating chickens ...

and a gorgeous setting sun.

And it all happened ... once in a blue moon.

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