Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Two Weeks Too Fast

Two weeks have passed since Oliver's birth, and it is so hard to believe!  And now that I've seen how fast Jackson grew ... I'm really trying to enjoy and remember every little moment with him as a newborn.  This precious stage flies by so very quickly.

*     *     *

We've had much more laid back days this week ... with no major obligations other than Oliver's 2 week well check up (tomorrow) at Haymarket Pediatrics.  We've been enjoying walks outside, taking trips to the park, and realizing how very blessed we are to have good friends.  My friend Tracy organized for members of Stroller Strides (my exercise class) to bring our family dinner three nights a week for awhile ... and I have been blown away by people's kindness and generosity!

Jackson still hasn't fully warmed up to little Oliver yet, but he's getting there.  We can get him to say "hi" to the baby and to show him things (like pink play dough and chicken nuggets).  However, he still has no interest in holding or kissing his little brother.  Tonight before bed I read Jackson his new book "I'm a Big Brother," and he listened to the whole story ... so, I guess that's a positive sign!

(Jax holding his baby.)

Oliver continues to be an excellent (and very easy) baby thus far.  He sleeps through all of our noise!  He's not much for crying either ... only when he's hungry or has a messy diaper.  It's funny because Jackson never (and still doesn't) care if his diaper is messy.  He has been enjoying tummy time, watching our silly faces, and just snuggling.  He really loves being held up on my shoulder ... and I don't mind!

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Mom said...

Love the pics..especially the last good...Love you all..