Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy Laboring

This begins Oliver's first "adventure" on this blog! Currently, I am at the beginning of my labor induction. My pitocin was started at 8:15 this morning, but due to the tons of contractions I've been having on my own over the last couple of weeks, I'm actually not feeling them much. Rest assured, however, that will certainly change as the day goes on. Otherwise, there isn't much to report ... Except that my nurse is amaaaaaazing (and has a son with a spinal deformity like Jackson, so we have majorly bonded). Very thankful for the blessing of her care! More to come as I am able. Prayers are appreciated. Happy laboring!


Anonymous said...

So thankful you got a good nurse!! Praise God. This is a good sign. Please get some rest. Work is yet to come. Love you. Your sis, Marney

Michelle Merrick said...

Congrats on Oliver Jennifer! Praying for a safe delivery and easy infancy!