Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mommytography Take Two

Back when Jackson was a newborn, I completed a blog entry entitled "Mommytography" which were photographs that I took of him in an attempt to be artistic.  Well, since then, I have acquired a Canon Rebel, Photoshop Elements, and a teeny bit of know how from watching other newborn photographers and from watching tutorials online about DSLR camera operation.

So, today while Jackson was napping ... baby Oliver and I had a little photo shoot of our own.  Wow!  Do I have a new found respect for newborn photographers (ahem, Beth).  I didn't get nearly as many images as I hoped to capture simply because it took me so long to position Oliver and keep him still.  However, I really do love the few that turned out well!

Mommytography Take Two:

The End

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mom said...

You have real talent...You should do this...Love you...