Sunday, May 27, 2012

sweet sweet summertime

Being in a plaster torso cast sometimes puts a bit of a damper on summertime fun -- especially everything water related.  Even on "cast off" days, Jackson can't go to the pool right now because of his risk for skin infections.  You see, the skin beneath his cast is extremely fragile due to not seeing air, water, or friction the vast majority of time.  What he can do ... or at least what we were willing to let him do ... is play outside with the water hose.  Truthfully, today was the first time since Jackson was 16 months old that he's seen anything other than bathwater (and even that's only every two months).

A little bittersweet to a mommy who wishes her boy could enjoy these type of activities all the time, this afternoon was a blast for Jax.

As you can see from the photos, Jackson preferred playing with the hose to being sprayed.  But, that's okay!

And ...
Completing the afternoon with a popsicle = awesome!

* sweet * sweet * summertime *

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Jen Dopson said...

How and why does he have cast free days? Lexi's has been on non-stop. Well except when it gets changed. Also, how do you keep him from getting stuff in it and from it being nearly ready to fall off after a month.

You all seem to have this down. I feel like we're doing it wrong.