Thursday, April 28, 2011


Remember the Bible story of Samson?  He was the man who thought his incredible strength came from his long hair but later discovered it came from God.  Well, we have a Samson living in our house too apparently.

Jackson got his second haircut on Monday . . .

And he has since discovered that he has invincible, Hulk-like strength.

Or maybe . . .
he has a new need for increased discipline?

This morning, we found his infant mobile like this:

And this afternoon, he showed us how he did it:

(do not be fooled by the puppy dog eyes)

He destroyed his mobile right after shattering a lamp that was standing outside his pack-and-play:

(Sorry, no photographs of the broken glass all over the bedroom carpet)

We are, however, thankful that no one was hurt!

So . . . our little Samson's strength was clearly not affected by his haircut.
In fact, I think it may have been enhanced.

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George said...

I absolutely love these pictures. Jackson is growing up so very fast.