Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Today Jackson and I went to visit a brand new peanut!
I just love peanuts!

To be more specific, we traveled back to Bristow, Virginia to visit our former next-door-neighbors and friends whose first baby was born on March 24th.  She was so tiny (it's funny how quickly you forget how small they really are) and absolutely perfect.

Meet beautiful little Aubree
6lb 12oz
19.25 inches

She slept so peacefully during our entire visit . . . I'll bet her Mommy and Daddy wish she was doing that all through the night!  Ha!

She did open her eyes a little bit toward the end when she was ready to eat to give that precious little "ooo" face that new babies make.

Jackson wasn't terribly interested in her; and apart from waving at her, he mostly enjoyed playing with baby Aubree's daddy and her John Deere tractor.

All I know is that he looked like such a big boy next to little Aubree!

Before we left, her daddy snapped a picture of us mommies with our babies . . . well, to be more precise, he snapped a lot of pictures until we could get a suitable one!

And . . . a not-so-suitable-but-very-funny one too!

Go easy on the camera man, though.  I can't think of anything much more difficult than photographing a newborn and an almost-one year old (gulp)!

How lovely it was to catch up with old friends + one.
Congratulations Nick and Nathalie!
Your daughter is stunning.

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Mom said...

Love this...the pics are great...isn't she adorabale...Love the one with Jax and the John Deere...Love you....