Tuesday, April 5, 2011

11 Months!

I cannot believe Jackson is merely one month away from his first birthday!  He's 11-months old today!

I remember this time in my pregnancy vividly--34 weeks along, and things were really getting uncomfortable.  I was unable to sleep, swelling like a sausage, cramping a lot, a dealing with the new arrival of the dreaded stretch marks.  Hands down, this April 5th is much better than last April 5th!

I made my crude Momestimates this morning, and Jax is 30.5 inches long (grew 0.5 inches), and he weighs 22 pounds 9 ounces (gained 13 ounces).  His "massive melon" (as referred to by Daddy) remains the same as last month at 18.75 inches.  Jax still wears size 12-18 months clothing with plenty of spare room.  Although you couldn't tell from the above picture, we actually aren't having to put a bib on him everyday anymore.  He's overall stopped spitting up, and now we only battle drool (which I like much better).

He's been drooling for a good reason too; this month marked the arrival of not one, but TWO teeth.  Whew!  I can't complain too much either--with the exception of about three rough days, Jax was an expert teether.  He continued to sleep through the night, never had any diarrhea or fever, and really wasn't terribly fussy.

This month was a very social one for Jackson.  He completed his Waterbabies swim class, attended his first playgroup, and made his first friends--Colette and Colleen (yes, both ladies).  His new favorite activity is pulling up on everything!  He is standing independently now and loves to show off this newly aquired still.

P.S.-- Don't even think about trying to get him to actually sit in this rocking chair!  Ha!

He can crawl much faster this month, and everytime I turn my back, he ends up in a new place--usually trying to stand up.

The other day, his Grandpa George sent him two new toys in the mail that he has absolutely loved exploring.

Thanks, Pappaw!

Naturally, however, he still insists on playing with everything he's technically not supposed to play with--remotes, mini blinds, dog food, furniture, and mommy's car keys (his weapon of choice).

When he's not busy getting into everything, Jackson is always talking and "singing."  He can say Ma-Ma, Da-Da, Na-Na, Paw-Paw, Ba-Ba, hi, and bye-bye.  He can also "sign" for MILK when he wants his bottle.  Speaking of bottles, we recently began transitioning him from formula to whole milk.  Currently, he takes 4, 8-oz bottles/day.  They are 4oz of formula and 4oz of milk.  He's doing so well, too!  Not really much of a surprise because this baby's favorite food is cottage cheese.  Yeah, I know . . .

Last month I mentioned that Jax occasionally waved "hi" or "bye-bye."  This month, it is just about his favorite thing to do.  He'll be sitting across the dinner table from us just waving again and again.  It's quite a charmer for strangers who unexpectantly wave to the "cute little baby" and are greeted in return by a huge smile and a wave back!

And how could I forget?  On March 24th, my mom and dad moved to our new hometown to be close to Jackson!  Now, they are even closer than before . . . a 4 minute drive up the street!  You should have seen how excited Jackson got when he saw them for the first time in over a week!  We are so blessed to have them close by once again.

One thing is for sure, at 11-months, Jackson Scott is a pure delight to be around.

Always smiling . . .

Forever a ham . . .

The End.


Mom said...

OMG...Love this...Your picture taking is great...of course the subject is adorable....Love that boy so much...can't believe he is almost 1yr old....love you...

Michael said...
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Serena said...

He is growing up so fast make him stop!! Love you both

Stephen E. Bates said...

Great pics, you are so lucky to have such a happy child.