Thursday, September 30, 2010

Monday Night

Our poor little Taco had another run-in with the ER on Monday night.  When Mommy got home from work, GranGran and Daddy had noticed a "rash" on Jackson's legs.  I checked it out, and immediately said "That's not a rash!  Those are petechiae!"  Jackson had a petechial rash (tiny purple dots that are caused by blood leaking from superficial capillaries under the skin).  This type of rash is not very common, and it really scared Mommy.  She called Dr. Krulla on call who agreed we should go to the ER to rule out any scary diagnoses.  When Mommy was in nursing school, she worked with an infant patient who had this type of rash and lost both legs within 24 hours due to meningococcal septicaemia.  Although Jax was happy as a clam, Dr. Krulla agreed with Mommy--Jackson needed to have blood work done in the ER.  Hence, we had a LONG night on Monday night.

But . . . praise the Lord . . . really . . . Jackson's CBC and Chem 8 came back normal, ruling out the most severe diagnoses--like cancer, ITP, HSP, meningitis, and hemolytic uremic syndrome.  Although the ER doctors were puzzled over the rash, they all agreed that Jackson probably had a virus causing the rash.  His white blood count showed a slight left shift, consistent with a viral illness.  Sure enough, by the next AM . . . Jax was sneezing, coughing, and congested.  And . . . I was GLAD!  It was nice to see reassurance that he did have a simple virus.  Nevertheless, my little snotty boy is still giggling and playful.  Even the ER nurses and doctors got a kick out of baby Jax.  He had to get an IV and wear a no-no board, which made Mommy cry . . . but after the IV was in . . . he was back to his sweet self.  We even had trouble keeping him from chewing on it.  Enjoy!

You want to take my temperature where?

But I'd rather play with my IV!

Who says I'm slowing down?

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