Sunday, September 5, 2010

Jackson is 4 Months Old

Our Jacko-Taco is 4 months old today!
The Taconator!

We go to the Pediatrician (Mommy's work) on Tuesday, and we will update you then with this big fella's height and weight.  Judging from those 4-monthers I see at work, I think he's a little peanut.  That's probably a result of his continuing reflux.  Otherwise, he's a happy boy.  When he's not burping (aka puking)...
He's busy laughing and playing with friends and family.

This month he has learned to reach for objects, bear weight on his legs, laugh, hold his head up by himself entirely, do "baby crunches", and scoot on he belly/back.  We still haven't seen him roll over, but he has until 6 months to master that skill.  I think it's getting closer and closer each day.

He LOVES his squishy ball.  :)
And flying.  :)
These fabulous four months have FLOWN by so quickly.
Love you, Jax.

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