Sunday, September 12, 2010

Home Sweet Home Staycation

This weekend, Justin and I took a miniature vacation/staycation together.  Early Friday morning, we took baby Jax to GranGran and PawPaw's house for the weekend.  You wouldn't believe all the things a little one needs for two nights away.  I don't know about you, but I think he looks mighty happy to see his grandparents.
So . . . to Grandmother's House We Go . . . while Mommy and Daddy go to the:
for two nights.  Well, ORIGINALLY for two nights.

What Jus and I thought would be a weekend of shopping, dining, dancing, and enjoying each other's company on the Marina (to which we had never before been) turned out to be not exactly what we expected.  It was more of a "day trip" kind of location rather than a full weekend extravaganza.  Honestly, I found it to be very "yuppie" and overrated.  I think I'm allergic to wealthy people, really.  For the first several hours at the National Harbor, we had lunch at Elevation Burger (the only place we could afford).

then visited the only Peeps store in the entire nation!
Inside the Peeps store, we had fun photo ops with a giant stuffed Peep, enjoyed competing to see who was "hotter" on the HotTamales gig (I won), and actually ate some Fire Tamales (liked them too).

After the Peeps store, we decided to go for some dessert at:
So, the dude that owns this cupcake bakery is famous, right?  He has books, etc . . . So, we were naturally expecting something really special (or at least edible).  What we got, after spending $6.50, was this:
The two most disgustingly inedible cupcakes either of us have ever had.  I literally look one bite and threw it away.  It was cold, dry, and utterly flavorless.  Justin didn't like his either and threw it away after three bites.  I left the place grumpy...who wants to spend that much money on poopy-tasting pastires?  I should have known they would be nasty as I was greeted by THIS:
As they say, "the apple (or, in this case, cupcake) never falls far from the tree."  They reminded me a lot of his policies: expensive yet worthless.  Yet...I digress...

After CakeLove (hate), we strolled around the Marina together, taking in some really cool art and browsing the stores.

Then, after seeing one too many $165 T-shirts, I said... "Okay, enough!"
Justin took me to somewhere where the air was a little less clear:
Yes, a little 1/4 mile that I like to call "Heaven on Earth."
The Maryland International Raceway.
I traded the $1,500 baby strollers for $150,000 babies...
And I was on cloud nine *of burn out smoke

After a wonderful night at the drag strip, we retired to the Westin and checked out first thing in the morning (a day early).  We re-booked our second night at Tyson's Corner and enjoyed an evening of horror flicks, shopping, city lights, and Irish pubs.  It was definitely more our style.

At our Hotel that evening, we went for a late night swim in a great indoor pool (yeah, I braved a bathing suit for the first time since Baby Jax arrived in May.)
Unfortunately, Justin forgot his cell phone was in his swimming trunks pocket and jumped right in.  Woops.  Hello new battery from Amazon!

We ended up having a crazy fun time on our improv vacay.  But, who could resist coming home to this?
Jackson was happy to see Mommy.
But...maybe...just a little more excited to see Daddy.
Either way . . . that smile is,
Home Sweet Home

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