Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Boykin Wedding Weekend

This past weekend was one of the most incredible events of my life-- I watched my very best friend, Serena, marry her wonderful fiancee, Michael Boykin. What a magical ceremony and reception it was! Serena and I met during her first-year class registration process at UVa. We had already previously been paired as "mentor" and "mentee" within the Nursing School. You see, Serena wasn't able to get into the classes she wanted to take, and she was quite upset--bawling actually (sound like anyone else you readers might know?). Well, with a box of tissues and a "been there" heart, I helped Serena register for what classes were still available and thus began an unimaginable friendship.
First Year students at UVa aren't allowed to have cars, so I began to pick up Serena at her dorm weekly for dinner dates/WalMart runs/retail therapy. Little did I know, but she was having a difficult time adjusting to college life just as I had the year before. We cried together on lots of occasions (suprised, anyone?)
As the two of us become more adjusted to UVa, our tears quickly turned into laughter (sometimes in a drunken state), joy, and . . . romance. Soon, Serena told me about this delightful VMI student named Michael that she was smitten with. We had many dinner discussions about exactly where this relationship would lead . . . then about dates, kisses, date functions . . . you get the picture. Then, I got to meet the fella-- and was I ever impressed! Michael is one of the finest gentleman I have ever met, and I could not be more proud of the man my best friend just married! Before long, Serena emailed me a photo of a shiny diamond on her left hand, fourth finger. It was official-- she was to be a Boykin!
This past Saturday, November 7th, 2009, Serena Knick and Michael Boykin tied the knot! It was so incredible to watch two people, so obviously in love with one another, who also so very much deserve one another, say their vows. So, here's to you two-- Serena and Michael-- I love you both yesterday, today, and always. Best wishes for your future together.

discussing my boob changes since getting pregnant at the rehearsal dinner
Mexican and Margheritas at the rehearsal dinner

getting all-dolled-up at The Salon of Lexington for the BIG DAY!

Enjoy the photos that follow of the gorgeous wedding and spectacular reception.

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