Monday, November 2, 2009

Baby Heath

Drum roll please----- So, here's the official reason I took up writing in my blog a few months ago--- WE'RE PREGNANT!!! That's right-- due May 18th, 2010 with baby Heath #1. Both Justin and I (any countless amazing friends and family) are thrilled. Keep us in your prayers--we have certainly been living on those who have known for the last 12 weeks to get through the scary first trimester!

I had my 12-week, Nuchal Translucency sonogram today, and all was well. Glory be to God! We heard the heartbeat at 171 BMP, got great results from the screening, and even saw the baby kicking and what looked like a sneeze (don't know if they can even do that, but that's what it looked like). :) The baby way sleeping, but the sonographer shook my belly, and baby Kennedy or Jackson woke up kicking like crazy. I can't feel anything yet, but it sure is neat to see!

After a scary last week with the H1N1 Flu (yes, I got Swined)-- it was the most wonderful miracle to see that the baby was healthy and well today. Can you believe I got the Swine Flu while prego? Thank you Jesus for your powerful protection over the baby and I last week. Thank you also to Dr. Abbott (my employer, NOT by OBGYN) who was nice enough to give me Tamiflu and listen to my lungs! Makes me really appreciate working for you!
Anyways, the news is out! We are going to be a family in May! Please everyone keep us, especially the baby, in your prayers. Stay tuned around Christmas--we will know whether Baby Heath is a Kennedy Rae or a Jackson Scott. Love you already.

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