Tuesday, October 1, 2013

So Proud of You, Buddy!

I'll take it!

Each student in Jackson's 3-year-old preschool class brought home an "award" on Monday.  Some were for champion listeners, sharers, artists, potty-users, and cleaner-uppers ... but, call me a sap, Jackson's award literally made me tear up.

He received the "Kindness Award" for his class.  In addition, Jackson's teacher, Ms. Laurie told me that he is potentially the most socially aware 3 year old she has ever taught.  She said that he is very attuned to the feelings of his classmates and makes an obvious effort to learn and call everyone by name.  She said he welcomes each person and tries to include everyone in play.  It just makes me so warm inside to hear such things about him.  I am so proud!

It also ... ahem ... helps me not freak out that he is not exactly the #1 "listener" in his class.  :)  Ms. Laurie told me that he is so incredibly concerned with his peers that he, at times, excludes the teachers because they're "not part of the gang."  She encouraged me that a lot of this is initial excitement and they will continue to strengthen his listening skills throughout the year.  Thanks, Ms. Laurie!  That'll help me out at home as well.  

*** And, since he's getting award from preschool ***
I guess that means I should update the blog with his "first day of preschool" photographs too, right?  Told you I was WAY behind!  So, for the record ... Jackson began "real" preschool on Wednesday, September 4th, 2013.  He attends a wonderful little Christian-based school twice a week for 3 hours.  So far, I can see a lot of positive growth in him already.

Okay.  No more stalling ... here are a few preschool photos from back in September!

(I can't imagine him not listening, can you?)

(ready to see his classroom)

So proud of you, buddy!


NeNe said...

Love you Jackson...You are our hero...we love you so much and we all are so proud of you....may God continue to bless you now and always...

NeNe said...

Love you Jackson...we couldn't be any prouder of you...I pray everyday that God continues to Bless you...Love you to the Moon and back...