Tuesday, October 1, 2013

REALLY belated Happy 4th of July

Okay ... so this is kinda a ridiculous post.  Ridiculously late, that is.

Confession:  I (obviously) majorly slacked on updating this blog over the Summer 2013.  Truth is, I was far too occupied with other adventures (good stuff) and journeys (challenges).  For starters, this was "the summer of the newborns" for my photography business.  I had SO many newborn sessions to shoot and edit (these are my favorite, but most time consuming sessions too).  Then, we had the normal, typically-fun, summer family activities (coupled with an urgency to go to the pool as much as possible due to it being Jackson's first summer cast-free).  We had holidays, birthdays, and vacations.  I also took on the God Healing Patrick blog for my best friend, Emily Shaw, after her husband's cancer diagnosis in April 2013.  So ... forgive me ... a lot has been competing for my technical-attention.  ;)

Bigger Confession:  I have toyed with the idea of ending this blog.  FEAR NOT!  I have also decided that this blog creates such a wonderful record of the boys' early years ... that it is far too valuable to just "end."  It, instead, needs (and hopefully will) to return to a higher spot on my list of priorities.

.......... so ..........

Better late than never ... Happy 4th of July!!!


Here are a few photographs from July 4th and July 5th, 2013 (mixed) ... our nights at the fireworks!

(one of these days, I'll hop in a few frames!)

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