Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Jackson's First Brace Check

Last week, Jackson had his first "brace check" at Shriners Greenville.

I have to admit that it was very anxiety-inducing.  I am (shocker!) a bit of an overanalyzer and worrier.  So, for the last few weeks leading up to this check-up, I proclaimed aloud "I think I can see a small curve!" each time I saw Jackson's bare back.  Statistically speaking, this was unlikely ... being that once at 0 degrees, VERY FEW children relapse significantly ... and also that a spinal curvature is typically undetectable by the naked eye unless greater than 20 degrees.  Nevertheless, I found a way to worry.  And this might sound crazy, but I even packed a roll of Angry Bird duct tape in Jackson's suitcase "just in case."

Thankfully, praise God, I was utterly WRONG!  On Wednesday, Jackson had his first followup x-ray since graduating to his TLSO brace.  I was so proud of him as he stood BY HIMSELF for the film for the very first time as well.  The x-ray technician was wonderful too.  She took the extra time to show Jackson the x-ray image and explain to him about bones.  Guess what he's been talking about since last week?  :)

After the films were taken, we met with Dr. Pete.  He watched Jackson walk briefly, and told us that "his back continues to look beautiful and completely straight."  We were thrilled to hear this wonderful news.  And ... we do not return to Shriners for SIX MONTHS!!!  That is the longest our family has gone without a hospital visit since Jackson's birth in May 2010.  Before his next appointment, Jackson is to go without his brace for 24 hours ... so that his x-ray won't be taken so quickly after brace removal.    This technique should give an even more accurate idea of Jackson's continued correction.  For now, the plan is to continue wearing his current TLSO brace 23 hours/day until his appointment in April 2014.  We are immensely thankful for this good news.

I didn't snap any photographs in the hospital this visit ... but I did get this cute one at Justin's Mammaw's house with his Pappaw and "brother" on our way back home.

Enjoy and rejoice with us!

Your continued praises and prayers for PERMANENT CORRECTION are greatly appreciated.


Jen said...

Wonderful news! Thanks for sharing - helps me keep the faith that we'll have the same success!

Jamie Boros said...

I have been following Jackson's journey here and on the facebook group and have been checking back for an update. I'm happy to see good news! It was super weird to me when we went 6 months without a scoliosis appt....it's oddly unsettling! Congratulations on a great appt!