Sunday, October 13, 2013


Many of you know about a dream of mine ...

A dream that just might have come true about 4-5 years ago ... realized, then sacrificed before Jackson was born.  Yep.  I gave up one baby (my blue, 1970 Chevy Nova) for another.

Then I was a wife, and a mother, and a homemaker, and a diaper changer, and a chef, and a minivan driver, and a family planner, and a pregnant lady (again), and a mother of 2, and a diaper changer AND potty chair emptier, and a pull-your-hair-outer ...

So I said to Justin one day:  "I need to take some of my 'identity' back.  And I'm going to do it!"

Then things came together ... and that dream was realized again.


This baby is a work in progress.  So ... I wanted to share some "before" photographs so we can watch the transformation.  And ... I'm doing it myself ... which makes me kinda proud.

Nevertheless, it sure feels good behind the wheel ... behind a 350 Chevy small block V8.  Uh oh ... better not get me started!

Be that mechanic ...
you always wanted to marry.

Just Sayin'

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