Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Welcoming Wookie

Introducing ... our newest family member:

Heath's "Wookie" Here

... better known as Wookie ...

Justin and I drove down to Hickory, North Carolina to pick up this sweet boy on Saturday.  We feel incredibly blessed to have found him, too.

As most of you know, I am a "Griffy" fanatic.  That's short for Brussels Griffon fanatic (Maggie's breed).  Well, they are very rare.  In fact, most people ... dog lovers included ... have never even heard of them.  So, as we searched for another Griff to welcome into our family, it wasn't easy.  We were looking into having one flown across the United States to come live with us ... as the majority of Brussels Griffons are born out West.  That's when I ran a google search for "Brussels Griffon North Carolina" and came across this beautiful little guy.

He is a "Broodle Griffon" which is a designer dog breed.  His mommy, Dolly, was a Brussels Griffon. His daddy, Pierre, was a Toy Poodle.  We found him at an amazing kennel called E & K Kennels which came with glowing reviews from both area vets and yelp.com.  I would certainly recommend the kennel to anyone looking for a new puppy (www.ekkennels.com).  We truly feel like this little man fell into our laps at just the right time.

He was a "reduced puppy" because he was already 18 weeks old (born 9/21/12).  You know me and my clearance rack shopping ... well, apparently, that gift extends to puppy purchasing!  It was a perfect fit!  He has that "Griffy" look with the added health benefits of being a mixed breed.  He is also a little older, so he's less fragile for Jackson and Oliver.  And ... he already knows how to "fetch," is quickly learning to respond to his name, and is doing eerily well with housebreaking.  I literally keep saying aloud "where did this puppy come from"???

I wish you could see him now.  As I type, he is sound asleep in my lap.  That's another great thing about Wookie ... he's a big snuggler.

We are in love!

Welcome to the family, Wookie!

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