Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Billy Goat" and the Barber

Okay, okay ... I'm behind.


It was recently brought to my attention (you know who you are ... ha) that I had not blogged about Oliver's first haircut ... so, here it goes!

On February 17th, 2013 ... after MUCH debate ... and after one too many persons exclaimed "What a precious little girl!" to me ... we decided it was time to give "Billy Goat" a haircut.

I'll admit ... as much as I loved his wild hair ... and as much as it totally suited his scrappy personality ... it was time.

Perhaps, over time.

Sheesh, it was worse than I thought, looking back.

Oliver did fabulously in the chair.

And emerged a new man.

How handsome, right?

Now, I wish I could say that he suddenly started towing the line and minding his p's and q's to match his fresh new look.  Inasmuch, not quite.

He's still just as wild as ever, living up to his "Billy Goat" persona ... just with a much more sophisticated look.


NeNe said...

Love that Little Billy Goat....

Anonymous said...

That is totally a little Jenny :)! <3!!!