Sunday, February 3, 2013

Oliver Is Nine Months Old!

Oliver is NINE MONTHS OLD (yesterday)!

22 pounds (75%)
30.75 inches (> 95%)
17.75 inch head circumference (45%)

At nine months, Oliver:

is an absolute "wild man" by definition
cannot be left alone for a single second without getting into trouble
has a strange fascination with electrical cords which freaks everyone out
can technically "army crawl," but chooses to roll everywhere instead
has learned how to pull-up to standing independently
prefers to stand and play (rather than sitting)
wants to play with Jackson's toys instead of his own
says "DaDa," "NeNe," "MaMa," and "Hi"
rode his first rides at Chuck E Cheese this month
can wave hello on cue
can clap on cue
participates in "Patacake" and knows most of the motions
gets suuuper excited about said "Patacake"
eats 5, 5oz bottles daily
also enjoys one fruit, one veggie, and one bowl of cereal with prunes each day
can feed himself using a pincer traps (puffs, yogurt drops, etc)
wears size 12-18mo and size 18-24mo clothing
wears size 4 Huggies diapers
still loves hanging upsidedown
is fondly referred to as "exhausting"
sleeps completely through the night
now sleeps in his bedroom crib during nap (instead of in his swing)
adores his paci
gets cranky when everyone else is eating at the table except for him
is still know as "brother" by Jackson
is always noticed for his crazy hair
smiles so big you cannot see his eyes

... and fits perfectly into our family!

Happy Nine Months, Baby Boy!

Mama loves you, my "wild child."

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