Friday, February 1, 2013

Visiting My Beloved

Putting on my "brave face," I stopped by the "hospital" this afternoon to spend some time with my baby girl.

My heart is breaking for her ... seeing that little nub-tail wagging 1,000 miles a minute when I walk up to her crate ... looking into those big, brown, googly eyes ... and just snuggling that sweet body -- taking her in as much as I possibly can.

Oh, how I love her!

Nothing has really changed in the last 24-hours with my Maggie.  No new labs have been taken.  She seems to be feeling better on her IV fluids and medications.  However, other than a very few bites ... she is still not really eating.  Sherry, Maggie's nurse (and my angel), was there by my side again today.  She has been so amazing to me!  We talked again ... about how when Maggie comes home she will require twice daily subcutaneous water boluses to even survive.  I cannot put my beloved through that for long.  What quality of life would that be?

I'm not sure if my tears will ever dry ... but I would rather bring Maggie Mae home for a few good days than for weeks of bad ones.  I think that's what she would choose for me, her Mama, if the tables were turned.  It's a mutual affection.

But, that decision is not one for today.

Today was about visiting ....

And loving ...

And just being ... together ...

And although we will soon part in a physical sense ... that is something Maggie and I will always be ... together.

No longer joined "at the hip" ... but at the heart.

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