Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Firsts and Seconds

Last night when I way lying in bed, I started thinking about the differences between first and second pregnancies ... and not really the physical ones.  Then, I realized how little I have blogged about my current pregnancy compared to my first ... so I thought I'd share my thoughts with you.  Maybe these are unique to me ... but I somehow doubt it.  Here's the way I see it:

1.  You think about the second pregnancy less often.  
Don't get me wrong -- I still keep track of exactly how far along I am on my journey toward d-day.  However, the "pregnancy" itself isn't something that I sit quietly and ponder the way I did when I was carrying Jackson.  There are many days that go by that are just too filled with the tasks of managing a household and a busy toddler to daydream the way I did before.  That doesn't mean that this pregnancy isn't as special or important to me ... it just sometimes feels like it's occurring on the back burner of my life (although it is very much in front of me).

2.  It goes by much faster.
I have noticed a HUGE difference in this area.  I remember feeling like I was pregnant with Jackson for-absolute-ever ... especially in the first trimester.  With my first pregnancy, it felt like everyone else I knew who was pregnant was further along than me ... and my pregnancy weeks were dragging by at a snail's pace.  I never felt like I was "showing" enough, "pregnant" enough, or going to hold my baby in my arms fast enough.  However, with my second pregnancy, the opposite has been true.  I distinctly remember seeing my positive pregnancy test at about 5 weeks gestation ... and I remember today ... at 28.5 weeks gestation.  The weeks between are kind of a blur.  Sometimes I look at my calendar, and I am amazed at how close I already am to d-day.

3.  You cherish "quiet time" more.
This might sound strange, but when I was pregnant for the first time I didn't spend a lot of time just enjoying Jackson's movements in my tummy (I obsessively counted them instead).  And although I have less "quiet time" now than I did previously, I certainly cherish these moments more.  I think my favorite time of the day is in the evenings when baby Oliver is really active.  I like to just lie on my side in bed ... television off ... and feel his kicks and flips inside me.  It makes me smile as it is already our special time together away from the business of everything else.

4.  You take more small risks.
As soon as I discovered I was pregnant with Jax, I swore off all caffeine, artificial sweeteners, soft cheeses, deli meats, exercise, and medicines other than Tylenol.  This time around, although I am certainly still cognizant of the choices I make, I am slightly less OCD about these small risks.  I drink caffeinated diet soda during one meal a day ... everyday ... (and I loooooove it!).  I have eaten one turkey sandwich from Macadoo's after requesting it be heated.  And, as long as my OBGYN permits it ... I have taken a few OTC medicines as needed ... things like Sudafed and Prilosec (which, by the way, works wonders for heartburn).  I have also joined a vigorous exercise class that meets three days/week and truly makes me sweat.  And ... gasp ... I've even accepted the sample of wine they offer you at the Olive Garden!

5.  You care less about perfection.
By this, I'm speaking mostly about the retail world.  I am reusing almost 100% of Jackson's clothes, blankets, towels, etc.  I am borrowing a used pack-and-play from a friend so that we have a place for Oliver to sleep in our room when he arrives while also maintaining a "playpen" for Jackson when I need to shower, etc.  And ... I think this one speaks volumes:  total cost of Jackson's nursery furniture -- $1300.00.  Total cost of Oliver's nursery furniture -- $200.00.  Yep ... we purchased a new crib, but used furniture we already owned for Oliver's chest and changing table ... something I would have never considered when expecting for the first time.

6.  You understand that you really aren't "eating for two."
I definitely learned this one the hard way ... and I am still paying for it, too!  Unfortunately, I mistakingly viewed my first pregnancy as a "free for all" to eat whatever I wanted -- guilt free -- for the first time in my life.  I seriously think I believed that no matter how much weight I gained it would all melt away before I left the hospital.  Wrong!  This pregnancy, I am keeping much better control over my weight gain ... and trying to stay active as well.  The sad part is ... once Oliver is born ... I still have to lose the "baby weight" from my first pregnancy!

There you have it!  My musing for the evening ... hope you enjoyed it.

And to give Oliver his due "screen time":

Pregnancy praise -- Just wanted to give a quick shout out to God for the good news I received today: I don't have gestational diabetes!  Praise the Lord!


Mom said...

Yay.....for NO....G.diabetes....God is good...Oliver will be here before we know it...and boy will things be busy....Love ya...

Valerie said...

I totally echo your sentiments about the differences between first and second pregnancies! I feel like my first pregnancy was all about my first child and the second pregnancy was still all about the first child as well (how's he handling it, feeling guilty, getting him ready, etc). You look amazing mama!

Lauren said...

You look really good!

JustJill54 said...

Good to hear that there is no health scare. Your first and second's list is hilarious!