Sunday, February 12, 2012


This morning I went over to our dear friends' house for a special photo session with their beloved "Clifford."  This sweet fella has been Bill's dog since he was a puppy, and he has grown old and weak.  Today is the Hershey family's last day with their old friend, so I thought these photographs would be something special they could keep close to their hearts of their sweet Cliff.

I hope you enjoy these photographs and your own wonderful memories of Clifford.

(a sample)

... until you meet again ...  


Mom said...

Wow...Loved these....You did a great job....You need to be a photographer...Love ya

George said...

Jen, I agree with your mom; you should have been a photographer. Your remarks about Clifford brought tears to my eyes thinking about how much I would hate to lose my dog. Your photos of Jackson are ALWAYS wonderful.