Thursday, April 8, 2010

34 Weeks

Well, it's offically growing more difficult to get an attractive photo of myself, but I suppose this will "do" for now. I'm 34 weeks, 2 days along now, and I had another doctor's appointment this morning. Everything looks good-- BP and urine normal but I do have some trace to +1 edema in my ankles and feet. I got swabbed for GBS (woohoo) today, so I went ahead and asked doctor Liao to do a quick internal exam for dialation. Turns out, I'm not dialated or effaced yet. This didn't come as too great a suprise since I haven't really had any contractions to date. I just hope it doesn't mean that Jackson is going to be one of those dreaded "overdue" babies. My next appointment is at 36 weeks, then they become every week until D-Day. Perhaps I'll start making a little "progress" by my next internal exam-- only time shall tell.

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