Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ollie's Surgery

It was an interesting change of pace being at the hospital this Monday with little Oliver instead of Jackson.  It was Ollie's turn to receive our "medical attention."  Ha!

After noticing that despite never having actual ear infections, Oliver continuously put his fingers in his ears ... and the pediatricians continuously told us that he had "fluid in his ears," we took O to the ENT a few weeks ago.  No one was concerned about infections, but everyone was a little concerned about Oliver's quality of hearing.  He saw the audiologist that day in the office, and he actually "passed" his hearing exam.  However, his tympanic membrane (ear drum) had ABSOLUTELY NO vibration when measured by the audiologist.  This was due to a large accumulation of fluid behind the ear drum.  Oliver's ENT thought it would greatly benefit him to have a myringotomy with tympanostomy tubes (ear tubes).  She felt this would make him more comfortable, allow him to hear more clearly, and aid in the development of proper speech.

So, on Monday morning ... Oliver has his first little surgery with Dr. Catherine Smith (she's so awesome).  It's funny how "easy-peasy" this procedure seemed after all we have been through with Jackson.  Then ... the crazy mama in my found myself worrying "what if I'm taking this TOO lightly and something goes wrong?!?"  Nevertheless, we said a few prayers, and all went well (thanks, God!). Oliver has his tubes placed and emerged a champ.  The entire surgical procedure from when we left him in pre-op until the surgeon came to get us afterwards took about 7 minutes.  Yes, seven.  And within 20 minutes, Oliver was basically back to his normal self.  Dr. Smith said there was a TON of "gunk" behind his ear drums ... so, we are optimistic that this procedure will really help Oliver hear more clearly!

Here are a few photos of our Ollie on surgery day.

Early morning at the Winchester Surgi-Center (very, very nice BTW)

Entertaining everyone in pre-op.

Getting ready for my tubes.

*** 7 minutes later ***

Waking up a little groggy in the PACU.

My best "smile."

Enjoying a snack.

*** And within minutes ***

Enjoying a full-blown breakfast at the IHOP down the road from the hospital.

I'M BACK ....

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