Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Celebrating Thanksgiving

I'm working hard on "cutting myself some slack."

That's why I know that you're going to do the same, right?  You're going to bear with me as I, once again, frantically update my blog with the happenings over the last 6 weeks ago that I am very tardy in posting.



Happy Thanksgiving!

This year, we TRULY had so many tangible things for which to give thanks.  I will probable forget some in this list, but nevertheless:

1.  Jackson's Progressive Infantile Scoliosis being "cured" through serial Mehta casting, and his graduation into a brace in May 2013.
2.  My mom and dad's health being preserved although both of them had a few trips to the emergency room this year (dad just days before Thanksgiving).
3.  Finding a church where we are beginning to form friendships, serve, and make connections.
4.  Justin's job security, our health, and our home.
5.  Our dear friend, Patrick, wrapping up his last couple of chemotherapy infusions ... and heading into 2014 stronger and healthier.
6.  Jackson's wonderful preschool where he is learning, making friends, and thriving.
7.  Oliver's developing personality and watching him interact more and more with Jackson.
8.  An awesome, supportive extended family.  And the fact that my parents and Justin's parents celebrate the major holidays TOGETHER allowing us to avoid "switching off."
9.  An upcoming trip to Walt Disney World with the boys and my mom.
10.  Quiet times to be together, de-stress, and live "in the moment."


This Thanksgiving was the first year Jackson took an interest in the history of the holiday.  He learned about the pilgrims and the indians celebrating the First Thanksgiving at preschool.  It was so neat to watch his excitement whenever we would sit down to a family meal as he would ask "And this is Thanksgiving?"  It was too cute!

His preschool gave a Thanksgiving chapel presentation in which Jackson was a little pilgrim.  After the children sang and gave thanks, they shared a "Thanksgiving feast" with one another.


We had originally planned to travel to Roanoke for Thanksgiving.  However, when my dad went to the hospital via ambulance a few days prior ... plans changed.  Instead, Justin's mom, Victoria, traveled up to see us.  On Tuesday, she cooked the traditional "Turkey Day" meal since Justin had to work on Thursday.

Those of you who have met my Oliver ... are not surprised by these images.  You are not taken aback by the fact that an 18-month-old is eating the entire turkey leg.  You are also not judging the fact that although Justin really wanted this piece of meat ... he gave in to save us all from hearing piercing baby screams throughout our entire meal.


On Thursday, it was my turn.  I fixed a glazed ham and all the traditional "fixins."  I'm not trying to brag, but I'm really proud of myself!  In January 2012, my resolution was to learn to cook.  Success!  Now I have even developed the confidence for the large family meals.  It feels really good.  And ... shocker ... I actually enjoy it!

The boys were happy!

And Jackson was completely floored that he was having ANOTHER Thanksgiving!  :)

That evening, my mom and I succumbed to the pressure of ridiculous Black Friday shopping.  But, it was fun!  It was also (not gonna lie) kinda awesome to shop without the kiddos in tow.  We grabbed another bite at Waffle House in the wee hours of the morning together.


The next day, the scarecrows and Fall leaved made their way back into my plastic totes ... and out came the much anticipated (especially by my husband) Christmas decorations!

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