Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holiday Happenings

Over the last few weeks, we have been busy with the beginning bustle of the Christmas season (say that 5 times, fast).  I'm not sure why ... but this time of year always gets a little stressful for me.  That's probably a huge reason why I'm feeling so behind on blog updates for our family.  However, amongst all the obligations ... we have made time for enjoying each other ... and the magic of the season.  I've been snapping photos along the way ... and here are a few of the best so far.


We visited Santa at the mall.
(it this doesn't sum up Jackson and Oliver to a "T" ... I don't know what does!)

The boys absolutely LOVED the downtown Winchester Christmas parade!  This year, Jackson has developed an obsession with the classic holiday movie, "A Christmas Story."  I'm not complaining!  :)  As we waited for the parade to reach our spot on the sidewalk, Jax kept repeating "I am just like Ralphie."  Oh, how I love that crazy kid!  He is definitely mine.

Our Christmas Elf ... Horton ... arrived via miniature sleigh.  He has been doing an EXCELLENT job with behavior modification ... and Mommy is wondering if there is an Easter Elf, Birthday Elf, and Back To School Elf as well.  Anyone?!?

(the photo was sent by Santa so that Horton would know which children to look for)

And lastly, we have been enjoying the snow.  Lots of snow.  Well ... enjoying is a relative term.  The boys went out to play in the snow a few days ago ... and had a ton of fun.  Until the didn't.  Then they were done.  Suddenly done.  And they were screaming.  Loudly.  And frantically.  And Mommy was running back and forth through the snow to get them inside as quickly as possible.  And the meltdown continued indoors.  And ... we may be taking a long break from playing in the snow for awhile until we understand the concept of keeping our gloves on our hands.  Because we learned that one the hard way.

poor O ... he's so sweet (I promise) ... but soooo grumpy!

Love these fellas!

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