Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Visiting the National Zoo


Spring is finally here!
Or is it?
Did we skip straight into Summer?

Either way, today we took advantage of the warm weather and headed into Washington DC to visit the National Zoo.  It was Oliver's first visit outside of the womb ... and Jackson's first visit in a year.  It was also an "interesting" excursion, as it always is, with two little ones.  I don't feel like we got to see as many exhibits as usual, but we still had a wonderful time.  It was great just to get out of the house and explore.

Oliver was so excited he couldn't contain himself ... or keep his squinty little eyes open for his huge smile!

Jackson loved seeing the new elephant exhibit and riding the carousel.  He had an awesome time walking around, eating popcorn, and "smiling" for the camera too.

Boy, how he has grown over the years!

The green "towel" you see around Jackson's neck is a "Chilly Pad" ... to keep him cool when outside in his cast.  Oliver kept cool by testing out the new Bob (on the many hills).

Everyone had a wonderful day ... and everyone left exhausted!

There's nothing like a Zoo Day!

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Becca said...

I know this post is from awhile ago, but I just had to comment about the National Zoo! It's one of our favorite places in the world. Elliott interned there one summer when he was in vet school and it has always made him/us think about being a vet for the zoo. Maybe that would take the fun out of it, though? Lena loves the zoo; she went to the National Zoo for the first time when she was just 12 days old! I'm sure she appreciated it then, too...