Wednesday, April 3, 2013


(only one more month of being an infant)

23 pounds, 10 ounces (70%)
31.25 inches (95%)
18.25 inch head circumference (55%)

At eleven months, Oliver:

has the best baby Bieber hair I've ever seen
fusses constantly at the dinner table unless he is continuously fed
has chosen a "lovey" (small stuffed penguin with a record ... ha!)
crawls, scoots, rolls, cruises, pulls up, slivers under, shimmies through ... everything, everywhere
cannot be trusted ... with anything, anywhere
thinks Jackson is hilarious
imitates words, sounds, and gestures
blows kisses and waves
says our names, "hi," and "bye"
is fascinated by electrical cords and outlets
had his first tummy bug this month (during Jackson's 9th casting nonetheless)
eats Gerber Puffs like they're going out of style
is called "HUGE" by most people who meet him
charms us all with his enormous smile, during which he cannot keep his eyes open
protests his carseat like a toddler (screaming, arching, holding on)
has an affinity for hanging upside down
FINALLY got his first tooth on Easter Sunday
drinks his bath water
loves Mommy's cabinets ... and opening them to see what's inside
climber extraordinaire
makes his will VERY known ... already
is a messy eater and always looks dirty
removes his socks during every car trip
wears size 18-24 month clothes and size 4 Huggies
wants to do everything Jackson does
has zero interest in "real" toys
is transitioning to the sippy cup
continues to love his carbs
still lives up to his nickname, "Billy Goat"
is fondly referred to as simply "brother" 99% of the time

... and fits perfectly into our family!

Happy Eleven Months, Baby Boy!

We love you so much!


NeNe said...

Awwww...Love this post...Love you Oliver...can't believe you are almost 1...Billy Goat...

NeNe said...

Awww.Love this post..Can't believe Oliver will be 1 yr old soon..Love you so much billy goat...

NeNe said...

Love this post...can't believe Oliver will be 1yr old soon...Love you lots billy goat...