Saturday, April 20, 2013

Basketball Tots

All we've heard about recently at our house is BASKETBALL!

On Monday of this week, Jackson started his "Basketball Tots" league at the Sportsplex.  It is an instructional basketball program for kids ages 3-5; however, they agreed to let Jackson start a tiny bit before his third birthday (he turns 3 in the middle of the session).  He's the youngest kiddo in the class, but he did wonderfully.  Mostly, the class is just fun, organized chaos anyways.  Nevertheless, I thought it would be a great way to begin introducing Jackson to team sports, sharing, cooperation, and following directions.  And ... it's something fun he can do while still wearing his Mehta cast!

The program lasts for 5 weeks ... and I almost dread when it ends.  Jackson basically lives from day-to-day asking when his next "baketball game" is taking place.  Hopefully, we can sign right back for for the next session!

Here are a few photographs from his first "practice."

Stretching before practice.

A few drills ...

A little coaching.

And even a game!

Too cute, right?

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