Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy 24th Birthday, Rupert!

During my many recent travels for Jackson's PIS treatment ... I forgot a very important day of celebration!

So sorry it's belated ... but Happy Birthday to the sexiest man alive ... Rupert Grint!

It's your golden year ... turning 24 on August 24th ... so, make it worth while!

* * *
In honor of Rupert turning 24, I present the top 24 (because there are oh-so-many-more) reasons I LOVE him so much:

1.  beautiful red hair
2.  incredibly long eyelashes
3.  epic actor
4.  always candid
5.  owns an ice cream truck
5.  completely quirky (has miniature pigs, a hovercraft, a unicycle, etc)
6.  maintains self-respect despite being uber rich and famous
7.  sexy Brit accent
8.  coy smile
9.  hott body
10.  scared of spiders ... how cute
11.  shares my love of horror movies and A Clockwork Orange
12.  can film a steamy sex scene
13.  stays humble
14.  was discovered from pure talent ... not hollywood connections
15.  says "brilliant" regularly
16.  loyal to his fans
17.  follows his childhood dreams
18.  likes old, historic homes
19.  knows the importance of family
20.  loves the Harry Potter series
21.  kick-butt fashion sense
22.  sexy walk
23.  is well-read
24.  avoids being pictured with various ladies in the tabloids (because, clearly, he's saving himself for me)  *wink

I love you, Rupe.  Hope your birthday was as amazing as you are!


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