Thursday, July 19, 2012

Exceptional Child Night

A large indoor play arena near us, called Monkey Joe's, has an awesome monthly event called "Exceptional Child Night."  It is 3 evening hours where the facility closes to the general public and children with any sort of "special need" can come play free of charge.  We took advantage of this special night last month as well, but I forgot my camera, so it wasn't documented on the blog.  This time; however, I managed to remember to snap a few quick photos of Jackson enjoying himself.

We really LOVE "Exceptional Child Night" because Monkey Joe's isn't very crowded and Jackson can play sans shirt to keep cool ... without a lot of stares.  It really is an awesome little event.


(The above picture is quite a feat!  I have to climb that ladder on the right ... pulling myself up with one arm by the ropes ... while carrying Jackson, in cast, in the other arm ... quite the work out!)

But totally worth it!

Oliver enjoyed himself as well.  :)

And, let me tell you ... this fella is learning his Mama well!  He saw me holding my camera ... and posed with a huge "cheesy grin" for my to snap this photograph without me mentioning a word.  Gotta love that boy!

Thanks Monkey Joe's!

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Linda K said...

Dear Jennifer,
Your sweet, beautiful mom gave me the link to your blog. I so enjoy blogs like yours! Your pics are great - your boys are beautiful! And handsome! Thank you for sharing your life with others who care! I grew up with your mom - next door. We will always be BFF! I miss her. I miss us. And our wonderful, happy childhood!
Love to you,
Linda Kirkwood