Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Team Christian

How many viral videos has our world had?  And about the silliest things ... auto tunes about "hide yo kids" ... babies talking gibberish to each other in front of a fridge ... and I'm sure many more about which I've been out-of-the-loop.  Well, recently a video went viral on YouTube and touched my heart profoundly.  So, I proudly jumped on the bandwagon and started following this incredible mother and her precious son, Christian.

Lacey Buchanan is a young mother with a huge heart for our Lord and for her son who was born with rare medical conditions called tessier cleft lip and palate and micropthalmia.

Just to give my followers an idea of the rarity of Christian's condition:
There are an estimated 7 billion people in our world ... and there are 50 documented cases of his cleft.
I often speak about Jackson's "very rare" condition ... and to put that into perspective ... there are approximately 700,000 documented cases of PIS (1 in 10,000 kids).

That's how it hit me too.
50 vs. 700,000

In case you haven't already seen them, Lacey and her miracle boy have inspired me so much that I want to take the opportunity to share their videos on my blog.

Here's one (of many) copies of Lacey's video that went viral:

And here's one that Lacey made with beautiful photographs of her family:

And ... if you're as inspired as I am ... here's the website you can go to to order a "Team Christian" t-shirt to help support his amazing family.  It is my understanding that there is only about one week left to order, so please BE QUICK!

Go Team Christian!
We love you! 


Talia said...

Beautifully said Jennifer! Lacey and Christian are truly inspirational and I have been more than happy to order my T-shirts. Cannot wait to wear it and tell others about him.
Congratulations also on your blog.You have such a nice family and you are a brave and devoted mother as well and a very enthusiastic and positive person. Lots of love, Talia

JenHeath said...

Thank you Talia. What a sweet and encouraging comment. It made my day! I can't wait to wear my Christian shirt as well. Hugs!