Sunday, June 17, 2012

Roanoke Smiles

This weekend we traveled to our beloved Roanoke, Virginia and found it to be:

short on clouds/rain
short on traffic
short on rude people
short on headaches
short on boredom
short on work schedules
short on complaints

But ... one this Roanoke is never short on: smiles!
(wait a second ... do all of those things sound positive to you?)
(that's what I thought too!)

In Roanoke, there were:

doting grandma smiles

coaxed smiles

a-little-bit-michevious smiles

because-I'm-slingling-water smiles

making-ToTo-laugh smiles

proud-of-myself smiles

maybe, a few feigned smiles

birthday smiles

loving smiles

mother-daughter smiles

sweet moment, totally candid smiles

beautiful lighting smiles

PawPaw smiles

(You can't make me!) smiles

(wo)man's best friend smiles

riding-in-a-wheelbarrow smiles

just-because-I-can smiles

We love Roanoke smiles!

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