Thursday, June 21, 2012

Oliver's First Tub Bath

I'll admit, I'm a little ashamed that Oliver is 7 weeks old and is just now getting his first "real" bath although his umbilical cord stump fell off about 5 weeks ago.


When you have an eager two-year-old who's not allowed in the bathtub, it takes a bit of finesse to find time to bathe his little brother without him noticing!  And trust me ... Oliver needs all the help he can get in winning Jackson's approval right now!  :)  Just so you don't panic ... I have been sponge bathing Oliver alongside Jax every night!  However, tonight we brought out the "big guns" and put little man in the bathtub.

It felt soooo good!

But, Daddy, I want to play longer!

Ahhh ... that was nice!

Splish, Splash!

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