Sunday, January 29, 2012

Huge Triumph

While the last 5 days have been excruciatingly difficult ... and while we are still not "out of the woods" yet ... I want to share with you a huge triumph.

I know in the past I have shared a lot of numbers and measurements in regards to Jackson's Progressive Infantile Scoliosis curvature (COBB) and rib slant (RVAD).  This time, I have far fewer numbers to share ... and because his doctor only took one "in-cast" X-ray this time, we are not really comparing "apples to apples."  However, we are still very excited about the progress Jax's Mehta casting treatment is making to heal his crooked spine.

Without further hesitation, I give you:  two X-rays that speak a thousand words.

This is Jackson's last "out of cast" x-ray before we began Mehta casting.  His curve was 44 degrees and his RVAD was 27 degrees.  His scoliosis also worsened during the weeks after this X-ray was taken before our casting date in September 2011.

... And ...

This is Jackson's most recent "in-cast" X-ray taken 1/25/12 at Shriner's Hospital.  His current "in-cast" curve is 3 to 4 degrees, and his RVAD is 5 degrees.  His numbers will not be this good "out of cast," but the fact that they are this low "in cast" is a wonderful indication.

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Lauren said...

Whoohoo! Thats awesome!