Friday, January 20, 2012

Cast-Off Day

Lately I have been feeling like I don't have much important blog material to post.  However, today certainly made the cut.

This morning marked the removal of Jackson's second Mehta cast!

He must have known that something exciting was coming ... because he didn't sleep a wink last night (ahem).  Still, we were all eager to wake up early and venture over to the Winchester hospital for his cast removal.

When the nurse came into the room with "Mr. Saw," there was more recognition than there previously has been.  While Jax certainly didn't "scream bloody murder" as we are often warned he will ... there was more apprehension and a few tears shed once the nurse began to cut through the plaster.  Thankfully the cutting process only lasted about 30 seconds with the saw ... then the nurse used some scissors to cut through the rest of the cast lining.

Soon we were "all done" with Mehta cast #2!  There is always a moment of hesitation as we lift Jackson's cast shirt off and look at his skin underneath.  However, besides the stowaway mini Cheez-It wedged against his skin for gosh-knows-how-long under the cast, his skin looked awesome!  Naturally, having not seen water, air, or sunlight for 9 weeks ... it was very dry, but there were very few red patches and zero open sores!  We were quite pleased!

As was Jackson.

While we waited on the doctor to come talk small talk about Philadelphia with us (sorry ... couldn't resist ... he seriously does nothing during cast removal appointments ... not sure why we pay a full co-pay instead of for a "nurse visit"), Jax took a few moments to check out his cast.  I wonder what he must think when he sees it off his body?

Soon, it was time to go home cast-free!  I always make sure to put Jackson's smallest available clothes on him for cast removal days, because it never ceases to amaze me how skinny he is once the cast is off.  The clothes he has on in these next photos are size 18-24 months, and they are absolutely HUGE on him.  Sometimes it makes me a little sad the realize that his real waist size is probably about 9-12 months right now although he's almost 21 months.  I also worry that he isn't gaining very much weight throughout this process (although he is growing taller like a weed) ... but his pediatrician isn't concerned.  It's a battle we are willing to face if it means curing his scoliosis!

Here's what I mean:

(and, yes, Maggie Mae is in the crib)

Once we were home, Jackson enjoyed a rare and wonderful bath in the tub.  Last time he cried when we put him in the water ... but this time he was ready!

Getting out of the bathtub was another story entirely.  However, there are more to come over the next few days while he is cast-free!

Thus begins what I refer to as "bubble boy week" -- a.k.a. "the days between cast removal and cast replacement" in which we have to be stickler germophobes around our house.  That's what you come in!  Please start praying now that Jackson stays 100% free from illness until after 1/25/2012 (Wed.) when we will travel for his next Mehta cast placement.  Also, go ahead and start praying for good casting results and SAFE anesthesia and casting #3 (and for mommy's nerves).  As far as results are concerned, we may not have many numbers to share after cast #3 because we were told last time that Dr. Cahill may only take in-cast X-rays this time.  Justin and I agree that we are a little relieved.  Last casting's miscommunications and measurement errors caused a lot of stress ... so, we are thankful for a little break from information.  I will, however, share anything we discover on here as I am able.

But, so you can share in our naked-eye-joy ... a comparison of Jackson's spine thus far in his Mehta casting journey!

Pre-Cast #1 (September 2011)

Pre-Cast #2 (November 2011)

Pre-Cast #3 (January 2012--today)

Praise the Lord!
... and keep those prayers coming ...

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